Our Vision

We believe a year or more of civilian, military, or public service should be a common expectation and opportunity for every young American.

For too long, the burden of our collective freedom and civic responsibility has been
carried by the few. The college affordability crisis has left too many students with debt
that they’re struggling to repay. Millions of young people are out of work, their talents
untapped. Communities across the country face significant unmet challenges including
education inequity, disaster relief, aging populations, and substance abuse issues. And,
Americans are more polarized than at any other moment in history.

Imagine a future in which young people earn college tuition by addressing our
communities’ greatest challenges — where they are empowered to shape their own
destinies regardless of zip code. Imagine a future in which empathy trumps apathy and
participation and problem-solving outmatch indifference. Imagine a shared experience
far stronger than anything that may seek to divide us.

This future is entirely achievable if a year of service is a common expectation and
opportunity for all. America has been at crossroads like this before. If we are going to
achieve this bold vision, we must be audacious in our call to action. Our country can
do big things together. And Service Year Alliance is organizing the stakeholders, the
strategy, and the movement we need to bring this vision to life.

To achieve this vision, the Serve America Together Campaign is pursuing a four-pronged strategy:

  1. Grow awareness among influencers and policymakers that universal national service is the solution our country needs now.
  2. Build the diverse, bipartisan coalition representative of service in American life that will be necessary to advocate for, build, and sustain the most equitable, impactful universal national service system possible.
  3. We’ll grow demand for national service at a local level to ensure communities across America are poised for success within a future system of universal national service.
  4. And with these assets, we’ll pass legislation and secure funding to establish a system of universal national service in America, creating a shared experience as a strong foundation for generations to come.

Join our growing coalition as we fight to unite our country, create pathways to opportunity, and focus on what we can do better, together.

Join The Coalition

Serve America Together is a project of Service Year Alliance. Service Year Alliance is working to make a year of paid, full-time service — a service year — a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans. Click here for more information about Service Year Alliance.

Our Vision
#ServeAmericaTogether is a campaign to make national service part of growing up in America. Join the campaign at serveamericatogether.org.