Open Letter Campaign

Throughout the fall of 2020, Serve America Together is organizing an Open Letter Campaign encouraging President Trump and Vice President Biden's presidential campaigns to release their plans to expand national service and commit to prioritizing national service in their potential administrations. 

To show widespread support from national service across a variety of sectors, we are launching three open letters to the campaigns:

  1. A National Security Letter signed by national security leaders that highlights the importance of investing in national service to maintain America's security;
  2. A Workforce Development Letter signed by workforce development and business leaders that lifts up national service as an opportunity that puts young people on a pathway to careers; and
  3. A Civic Renewal Letter calling for the expansion of national service from leaders committed to the future of America's democracy and the importance of strengthening our country's civic fabric through national service. 

We encourage supporters and champions of national service to add their names as appropriate to one or more of the following Open Letters to the 2020 presidential campaigns:

View National Security Letter

View Workforce Development Letter

View Civic Renewal Letter

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Open Letter Campaign
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