The Serve America Together Presidential Challenge


Serve America Together is challenging all 2020 presidential candidates to commit to make national service a priority in their first 100 days in office and to release bold plans to expand and transform national service in America.

Over a dozen leading military and civilian service organizations join campaign co-chairs Gen. Stan McChrystal, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Hauptman, former Gov. Deval Patrick, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and Laura Lauder to call on the candidates to prioritize national service.

“We are calling on 2020 presidential candidates to come up with bold new ways that young people can Serve America Together,” said (Ret.) General Stan McChrystal, Chairperson of Service Year Alliance. “As we head into an election year, it is clear that young Americans won’t settle for rhetoric. They are turning to our future leaders for real answers to our most pressing problems. We believe that national service can be a pathway to a more equal, more united, and more civically engaged country, and we are enthusiastic about challenging every 2020 presidential candidate to bring national service opportunities to scale.”

Candidates that have accepted the Serve America Together Presidential Challenge: 

Pete Buttigieg
Kirsten Gillibrand
Tom Steyer

* No longer in the race.

The Serve America Together Presidential Challenge
The Serve America Together Presidential Challenge
#ServeAmericaTogether is a campaign to make national service part of growing up in America. Join the campaign at